Spring Album #3931a

This album was made by me from scratch with no pattern. The base is made from manila folders. Inside page one features a pocket with journaling space and a photo mat in the pocket. Page 2 has a pocket with photo mat and another mat tucked in the front of the pocket. The inside of pages 2 & 3 (and inside every page there after) hold another large photo mat. Page 3 has two pockets each with a photo mat. Page 4 also has two photo mats inside two pockets. Page 5 has two photo mats each in it's own pocket. Page 6 has one large mat in a pocket. Page 7 has a journal card on the front of a pocket that also opens up for more photos. Page 8 features a waterfall. You pull the tab at the bottom and the pages flip up. Page 9 has a piece that flips up. Inside is a pocket with a photo mat and journaling card. The last inside page holds two more photo mats in pockets. This album shuts securely with a ribbon tie.